Syllable Division Task Cards – VCCV VCCCV VCCCCV patterns

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This pack consists of 2 sets – ‘Cut It!’ Set and ‘Build It!’ Set.

In each set, there is/are:
* 140 word cards with the VCCV, VCCCV or VCCCCV Syllable patterns (includes both REAL and NONSENSE words)
* 1 Recording Sheet (in 2 slightly different designs)

The word cards are suitable for small-group teaching or as a learning center activity. It is advisable to revise the syllable types, VCCV syllable pattern (including VCCCV and VCCCCV) and syllable division rules prior to using this pack with your pupils.

The ‘Build It!’ Set consists of words that have been cut up to form jigsaw puzzles for pupils to put matching syllables together to form words. This set is easier than the ‘Slash It!’ Set and is suitable for pupils who need more guidance.

The ‘Cut It!’ Set* consists of whole words. Pupils are to decide where to divide the word into syllables. They may use a dry erase marker to mark the syllable on the laminated word card before writing the word on the recording sheet.


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