My husband, the SAHD :)

Dear is currently a sahd while pursuing further studies on a part time basis. Almost completing his Diploma in Security Management and just started his Advance Diploma in Criminology under Arium Institute – an institute accredited by Adam State University. This will be the arrangement while I work full time till end of 2015.

2015 will also be an exciting and experimental year for us because we have decided that Hangko will be homeschooled (mainly by dear) in preparation for P1 entrance together. May it all work out..Insyaallah…

Decisions, decisions, decision…

The helper has confirmed that she would like to return home for good at the end of her contract this June, so I’m bracing myself up as a frazzled working mum who will have to juggle the kids and housework when she leaves. I’m nervous, to be honest, coz I get reminded of my 9 months’ stint as a SAHM back in end 2010-Aug 2011. Not that it was bad. Not at all. I truly enjoyed the luxury of time spent with the kids. But it was a definitely TIRING and nerve-wrecking experience, especially since Haiel was still a breastfed tot back then and the kids’ quarrels never failed to turn me into a high-strung mum. Actually, I still get very affected by the younger two’s constant squabbles, wails, tantrums and screams up till now. This is a big concern for me now, actually especially Haiel’s increasingly terrible behaviour. He screams, stamps his feet, hits and basically does all sorts of things that drives my blood pressure up.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. Hmm…actually why I am writing this? Haha I’m ranting..oh yeah, I guess I just wanna sort out the thoughts that have been occupying my mind since the past few weeks. Maybe it’s good to put them in point form:

  • Am I gonna homeschool Akid? If yes, starting when? If yes, will it work out well for both of us? A lot of issues surrounding this that I have been pondering about.
  • If I’m really going to stay home, of course a main concern would be whether our family will be fairly comfortable financially. And…it will take a lot on my part to ensure my sanity to be a homeschooling SAHM.
  • If I resign from my work before getting my 10th year CONNECT plan payout (which will be a decent sum of a bit more than 10k), will I regret not staying around to enjoy that amount of money? But if I stay till then and not try to homeschool Akid before he enters primary school, how do I really know if I can really do this homeschooling thing when he enters the primary level?
  • If I really homeschool Akid, would I be a struggling and lonely homeschooler? Coz I intend to homeschool mainly due to academic reasons, and not religious ( like most local homeschoolers). The local homeschooling community is not very large and most of them are Christian homeschoolers, so I do wonder if they will be friendly and welcoming to those who are not.

Obviously, I’m a confused being now who can’t quite figure out what would be the best option in the best interest of everyone in the family. No one is able to gimme the answer, I know. Of course, only Allah swt knows what would be the best decision for me to make. And therefore I pray that he’ll give me the answers, Insyaallah…